Introducing the PromptFolder Chrome Extension

Want to use your PromptFolder prompts directly in ChatGPT? Now you can!

With the PromptFolder Chrome extension, you can pull up all of your saved prompts with a simple slash (/) command. It makes working with saved ChatGPT prompts blazing fast.

Let's dive into how the extension works...

Step 1: Install the Chrome Extension

Head over to the PromptFolder extension listing in the Chrome Web Store (link). Add the extension to your browser:

Then grant the necessary permissions that will allow the extension to use your prompts in ChatGPT and other AI tools:

Once the extension is installed, "pin it" to your browser bar for easy access:

Step 2: Log into your PromptFolder Account

Now that the Chrome extension is installed, use your PromptFolder username/password to sign into your account (if you don't have one, sign up for a free account here):

When your logged in you'll see links to ChatGPT, PromptFolder, and the option to sign out of your account:

Step 3: Use Your Saved Prompts in ChatGPT

Head over to ChatGPT, and type a slash (/) in the input window. This will bring up a window with all of your saved prompts. You can continue typing to filter for a specific prompt, or use your mouse to select it.

When you've found the prompt you're looking for, simply press tab or enter (or click on the prompt name) to drop it into the ChatGPT window:

You can also open the prompt for editing in PromptFolder by clicking the pencil icon next to its name:

Pretty cool, right? If you have any suggestions on additional features you'd like to see in the Chrome extension, let me know!