AI YouTube Summarizer

Summarize any YouTube video in a single click. Yes, it’s magic.

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How Does The Summarizer Work?

First, you provide a link to the YouTube video you'd like summarized. Then we send it to our team of highly caffeinated gnomes, who watch the video at 10x speed while writing down all important points…

Ok, ok - we pull the YouTube video's transcript and send it to an OpenAI API along with a prompt asking for it to be summarized. Could you do this yourself without our AI summarizer tool? Of course, but we'll save you a lot of clicking and maybe carpal tunnel syndrome down the road.

What prompt is used to summarize the video? You can find the default prompt in your account's Video Summarizer settings and adjust it to your liking. If you want to override your default prompt, just click "Advanced Settings" on this page and provide a custom prompt for one-off use.

Is this tool free? All of our tools (like our ChatGPT detector) can be used once per day without an account. Create a free account to unlock an additional use per day. Need more than that? It's time to sign up for PromptFolder Pro, ya cheapskate. These APIs aren't free to use and I've got kids to feed.