Midjourney Prompt Generator

How to Use the Midjourney Prompt Generator

Midjourney’s AI-powered image generation bot is incredibly powerful. But unless you have a photographic memory, it can be really hard to remember all of the parameters and styling options the Midjourney bot supports! That's where this prompt helper comes in handy.

Start by typing the main concept for your image. Then set any parameters (like aspect ratio to change your image dimensions, or chaos to increase variation) you'd like the Midjourney bot to follow. From there, you can apply some of our style presets and "weight" parts of your prompt (Midjourney will strongly follow a weighting of 5, and lightly consider a weighting of 1).

Once you've got your prompt dialed in, copy it to your clipboard and run it in Midjourney. Be sure to save it to your PromptFolder account so you can come back to it later!

What is Midjourney?

Midjourney is an application that allows you to generate completely unique images through the power of artificial intelligence. It has absolutely exploded in popularity (check out some interesting Midjourney statistics here) and is one of the largest AI tools aside from ChatGPT.