Midjourney Statistics: Number of Users, Growth Rate, and More

Midjourney, the popular AI image generation tool, has been growing like an absolute weed!

In under two years, they've gone from an empty website to an app with over ten million users using the tool to generate all sorts of creative images with their artificial intelligence driven models.

How Many Users Does Midjourney Have?

Midjourney has 14.5 million users. Since the Midjourney app is used via a Discord server, this number is easy to pull.

As August 23rd, 2023, the total number of users in Midjourney's discord server is 14,491,050.

What's really impressive about that count to me is that over 1 million of the server members are online! I'd say this speaks to the engagement and frequency these users are actively working with the Midjourney bot.

How Fast is Midjourney Growing?

Midjourney's public beta was released on July 12th, 2022. Since then, they have amassed a huge presence in Google organic search.

Here's an organic search traffic graph for midjourney.com from ahrefs (the most accurate SEO tool)

Absolutely insane, right!? In just over a year, Midjourney went from a site with 0 organic traffic to pulling in over 3 million visitors per month.

The most impressive part about this is most of the search volume is from people searching for Midjourney's brand name in specific (not a general topic like "AI art"):

So yes, it's safe to say Midjourney is growing incredibly quickly.

They also boast a top 1% subreddit, with nearly one million members:

and several hundred thousand followers on Twitter:

How Does Midjourney Stack Up to the Competition?

It's no question that Midjourney is the most popular AI imagine generation tool right now. According to Similarweb,it's the 1,523rd most popular website in the world right now.

And that's without even having a web app! You gotta imagine most of the users go to the website very rarely, since they're using the product in Discord.


Where Do Midjourney Users Live?

Midjourney's audience is surprisingly well distributed around the world. Similarweb estimates that less than 20% of users come from the USA:

These numbers check out with our analytics as well. For our Midjourney Prompt Helper tool, we see a large amount of international traffic coming from many different countries.

What are Midjourney Users' Demographics?

Similarweb estimates that male users outnumber female Midjourney users by about 2:1. The sweet spot in age is that 25-34 year old bracket.

Again, that sounds about right compared to our experience interacting with PromptFolder users.

Is Midjourney Growth Slowing?

With all the numbers we've laid out above, it looks like Midjourney is an absolute rocket ship, right?

Well, there's one number that does give us pause: Google Trends search data for "midjourney."

This graph seems to indicate that interest in Midjourney peaked in early 2023, and is on a pretty steep downtrend.

That said, this is just one data point of many. It's clear that in general, Midjourney is a tool that has found strong product-market-fit and has amassed a very impressive audience in a short amount of time.