ChatGPT Statistics: Users, Growth, and Stats

ChatGPT has over 200 million users. That makes it the fastest growing consumer app in internet history 🤯

In this post we'll dive into ChatGPT statistics to see how quickly and reliably this user base is really growing, and if ChatGPT is the real deal (or just a fad).

How Many Users Does ChatGPT Have?

ChatGPT is reported to have over 200 million users. To us, that number actually sounds quite low.

If you take a look at Similarweb, they estimate ChatGPT had 1.5 billion total visits last month. If there were only 100 million users, each user would have needed to open up the website twice a week to reach this statistic.

Even more impressive is the average visit duration! Similarweb reports that your average ChatGPT user spends 7 minutes and 12 seconds in the app. That is incredible engagement:

For comparison, the popular AI image generation tool Midjourney has around 15 million users. ChatGPT appears to be nearly 10 times as large as Midjourney.

How Many People are Searching for ChatGPT?

According to the search metrics tool ahrefs, ChatGPT is getting a considerable amount of organic search traffic:

Over 30 million people each month search for some variation of "ChatGPT." This is further validation of the organic demand for the OpenAI app.

When Did ChatGPT Launch?

ChatGPT launched on November 30th, 2022. In just 5 days after launching, the tool had amassed over 1 million users. By January of the next year, the user count surpassed 100 million.

What are ChatGPT User Demographics Like?

According to Similarweb, ChatGPT's user base is incredibly diverse. The main country using ChatGPT is unsurprisingly the USA, but Americans make up just 13% of ChatGPT's users:

ChatGPT is used by slightly more men than women, and the sweet spot in terms of age range is 25-34:

How Expensive is ChatGPT?

ChatGPT Plus, the paid offering that allows you to take advantage of all of the features, costs $20 per month. A limited free plan is also available.

ChatGPT also offers an API, with pricing based on usage. Some models (like GPT-4) are more expensive to use through the API than others (like GPT-3.5). API pricing depends on the amount of data being input and output (they call this "tokens")from ChatGPT:

Is ChatGPT Growth Slowing?

If we take a look at Google Trends, searches for "ChatGPT" peaked in April 2023:

They are on the rebound though, and you have to imagine most people turning to Google to find ChatGPT are new users. Existing users probably don't have to search for ChatGPT to find it.

Because of that, I would say: no, ChatGPT growth is not slowing.

Who Owns ChatGPT?

ChatGPT's parent company is OpenAI. Sam Altman is the CEO. Elon Musk was initially involved in OpenAI, but has since left the project and is pursuing his own AI initiatives.