How to Create Video Game Images with Midjourney

Did you know that you can use Midjourney to create images for a video game? With its powerful filters and parameters, you can direct the Midjourney bot to generate incredibly detailed and powerful graphics for video games.

In this guide, we'll go through a few examples of how you can use Midjourney to create video game graphics. If you want to give these a try yourself, check out our Midjourney Prompt Helper.

Castle in Style of Rise of Nations

Let's try this prompt:

/imagine style of rise of nations castle, isometric, videogame, intricate details, 8k, artstation, artgem, 3d render octane --q 2 --v 4 --q 2

Here's the result:

First, I chose "style of rise of nations castle" because this will give a specific style to the image, in this case, a castle from the popular strategy game "Rise of Nations." This will set the tone for the overall look and feel of the image. Next, I chose "isometric" as the projection because it gives a unique perspective to the image and helps to showcase the castle's structure in a way that is both clear and visually appealing.

I added "videogame" as a keyword to make it clear that the image should have a style that is inspired by video games. I also included "intricate details" because I wanted the image to have a high level of detail and intricacy, making it visually stunning.

For the resolution, I chose "8k" to ensure that the image will look sharp and clear even when viewed at a large scale. "Artstation" and "artgem" were added as keywords to give the image a more professional and polished look.

Finally, I chose "3d render octane" to specify that the image should be created using the Octane renderer. This will give the image a more modern and realistic look. With these terms, I aimed to create a prompt that would result in an image that is inspired by the castle from the video game "Rise of Nations", with a unique isometric perspective, highly detailed, and created using the latest rendering technology.

Japanese House in Style of Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

Let's try this prompt:

/imagine pristine japanese house with a garden, isometric projection, unreal engine, in style of sekiro shadows die twice videogame, digital art, hyperdetailed, hyper realistic, 4K --ar 3:2

Here's the result:

The first term, "pristine japanese house with a garden," sets the scene for the image. I chose a Japanese house specifically to give the image a unique and recognizable cultural aspect, and the addition of a garden helps to create a sense of serenity and beauty.

Next, the use of "isometric projection" helps to give the image a unique perspective, as well as adding depth and interest to the composition. Isometric projection is often used in video games and architectural illustrations, making it a perfect choice for this prompt. I also chose to use "unreal engine" as the rendering software, as it is widely known for its ability to create highly detailed and realistic images. This will be a key factor in making the image look hyperrealistic and lifelike.

The "style of sekiro shadows die twice videogame" is included to give the image a specific look and feel, as well as adding another layer of cultural reference. This video game is well known for its immersive and visually stunning world, making it a great choice for inspiration. To further emphasize the level of detail and realism in the image, I included "digital art" and "hyperdetailed" as keywords. These terms will help to guide the user in creating a highly polished and visually impressive image.

Finally, the use of "hyper realistic" and "4K --ar 3:2" helps to give the user an idea of the desired level of detail and resolution for the final image. The 4K aspect ratio of 3:2 will help to create an image with a more cinematic and professional feel.

Abandoned Building in Style of 7 Days to Die

Let's try this prompt:

/imagine an abandoned shop, apocalypse, trumbledown, mouldered, perished, ruined, damaged, isometric view, isometric projection, in style of 7 days to die video game, digital art, hyperdetailed, hyper realistic, unreal engine, 4K --ar 2:3 --v 4

Here's the result:

When I'm crafting this prompt, I'm imagining a world where society has fallen and an abandoned shop lies in the middle of a post-apocalyptic wasteland. I want to capture the feeling of this desolate place, with its trumbledown walls, mouldered and perished surfaces, ruined and damaged state. That's why I chose the term "abandoned shop", "apocalypse", "trumbledown", "mouldered", "perished", "ruined", and "damaged".

For the style of this image, I'm imagining it from an isometric view, with an isometric projection to give a sense of depth and dimension to this desolate world. I want to capture the feeling of a survival video game, so I chose the style to be in line with the video game "7 Days to Die".

I want to create a hyperdetailed, hyper-realistic image that really brings the world to life. That's why I chose the terms "digital art", "hyperdetailed", and "hyper realistic". I want the world to feel believable, so I chose the term "unreal engine". And to make sure this image is high-quality, I set the resolution to 4K, with an aspect ratio of 2:3. This will allow the viewer to fully appreciate all the intricate details and bring the world to life. If I wanted to get even more variation in my grid images, I could add chaos to the prompt.

How to Create Amazing Midjourney Video Game Images Yourself

As you can see, Midjourney is capable of producing some really remarkable graphics for video games. It's no wonder Midjourney is growing so quickly.

Give these prompts a try, and experiment with different parameters and effects to create stellar graphics for your video game.